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Lord agosto12_lago

Guest Quarters


In 2009 the rooms on the second floor of the House of the Sanctuary were blessed. Was a great joy for those who had lived long in the sanctuary see restored this plant because from the beginning was the most damaged area with danger of collapse. It was an inhospitable place, it came air from all corners of the house, with numerous leaks, besides being full of debris. It was the opposite of what it is now a very comfortable and functional guest quarters. It was a work beloved and blessed by the Virgin of Lord.

From that moment began a new era for us, not provided, but real in our lives. In the Sanctuary of Lord we opened the possibility of sharing with others our way of religious and silence life.

The opportunity to undertake the works marked the beginning of this new activity, because we led a monastic life without visits, which allowed us to make a life of seclusion and silence.

Who comes to the guest quarters are invited to become part of the silence, to “disconnect” from all that occupies him daily and distracting (phones, internet …), to “connect” with a vision of the deeper reality oneself.

This preamble serves to frame the cause and objectives of our gues quarters.