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What should and what should not be the Guest Quarters

There is a clear evidence: the Virgin not expect us to change our lifestyle rather intended to serve for the guest quarters, who wishes, can enter into a deeper lifestyle more personal, more interior, more spiritual, more supernatural.

It’s about sharing what we are from both the person who comes with his own reality, like us, from our faith in Jesus Christ, who is our reality, as personal experience and from the heart. It is not demagoguery or proselytizing, but enrich each other, to help us, from the simplicity and honesty of both parties, sharing what we are, with all freedom and respect for each other and what each one is.


The guest quarters should be: 

  • a place of personal encounter
  • a opening place to leave from your “ego” and open yourself to the transcendence
  • a place of dialogue from the heart
  • a forum to share openly doubts, worries, fears, concerns …
  • a place to feel the peace, having better located parts of your own life
  • a place of encounter with God
  • a place to live a religious experience from the heart
  • a place of prayer and silence
  • a place to feel the enjoyment of life through love
  • a place to learn more about God’s will
  • a place to make aware better the value and mission of his own existence

The guest quarters is NOT:

  • a Hotel Bed
  • a place where only to find calm and peace
  • a place to practice your activity, without more connections with the norms of the Sanctuary
  • a place for spiritual activities outside religious components

With these indications we do not intend to judge or berate other attitudes or objectives, just the opposite; rather we want to better frame our own goals, to achieve better results and to have more harmony with the people who come to the Sanctuary of Lord.