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The Community of Lord understands that its mission is to meditate and deepen in Scripture as the word of God sent to man in all ages to illuminate its reason and light in his heart the flame of love.

It is a meditation seeking scholarship but the experience and connection with life itself. Therefore, our vocation has led us into solitude and silence, as the means to develop the mission. In particular, the monks of our Community, released from the pastoral works, are called to a scrupulous exercise of this objective, introduced in the original languages of the sacred text.

The figure of the Virgin Mary occupies a unique and relevant place within the revealed word, so it deserves a special section to help us enter into the mystery of this human creature who responded to the divine will of a generously fully.

The framework on which the life of the community is based is the Rule of St. Benedict, as an exercise of revealed truths and meditated on the Holy Bible and the power to help and organizing the lives of all members towards unity image and embodiment of the Mystical Body of Christ, which the Rule is a manifest expression.

Thus, we can consider the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict as the two pillars on which the mission and life of the community is based.